Closing Day!

Today was the day! We finally closed on our home in Happy Valley!  I felt like we waited forever, because we did a ninety day close at the request of the sellers.  Closing was relatively painless as we signed our life away.  Then there was that glorious moment when our realtor finally handed us the keys!

house colored pencil

We did go over and drop a few things off, but moving day is not until this weekend.  We also did some measuring for our furniture.  We will definitely be starting a furniture hunt, because a few of our pieces won’t fit like our couches.  I happened to scroll through craigslist today, and I found an awesome couch that we are picking up on Saturday.  It was quite a steal for a couch that was a few months old and never really used.  It was also the size that we were looking for! Here is our Craigslist find:


It is so strange to walk into an empty house.  The rooms always feel so much smaller without furniture.  My mind today was busy creating a list of projects for my hubby and I.  First thing on the list is to paint the kitchen!  While I like the choice of a dark color for the kitchen, I am not a fan of the red paint!


I am trying to decide on a paint color, and I know I would like to stay in the blue family and with a darker color.  A few colors that I have in mind are Magnolia Silos District, Magnolia Weekend (although this paint looks more green it is beautiful), and Sherwin Williams Denim.  We had Sherwin Williams Denim in our dining room at our old house, and I loved it!  Do I go with the same paint color or dare to be different?  What are your thoughts?


We still have quite a bit of packing to do, but luckily we left a lot of our things packed when we moved from South Carolina. I better get back to packing or more like the last minute scramble to throw stuff into boxes.  My boss is cringing at the idea of haphazardly throwing belongings into boxes somewhere.  At least I am labeling the boxes right?

Next up: Move in Day!



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