Moving Day

So we made it through moving day!  It was crazy and chaotic. Not only did we move, but we also had to pick up our craigslist couch find and our armoire find.  I know poor planning on my part! I will post more on these later. We are excited to finally be in our house!  Our moving company did an excellent job!  Shout out to Packer Up Moving who did our moving for us.  They were timely, efficient, polite, and had great customer service (more on this later)…They loaded the truck, drove to our house, and unloaded in about 4.5 hours.  This is the amount of time it took our movers in SC to just load the truck!

Moving with an almost one year old was a new set of challenges, although I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Unpacking or helping give movers directions only happens during nap time or when someone else is occupying her.  Luckily we did have help from my in-laws! One thing we learned during this move was ziplock bag your screws to your bed frames and tape them to the item.  Once the movers had completely unloaded and left for the day, my husband and I couldn’t find the screws to my daughters crib.  The one thing you don’t want to lose!  We were frantically opening boxes, looking in dresser drawers, checking the empty apartment, and calling the movers.  I was not a happy camper!  We had set aside her pack-n-play during the move just in case she wanted to nap.  Turns out she ended up sleeping in it for naps and the first night in the house.  The movers did look when I called and could not find them originally.  The next day they went above and beyond and tore the truck apart to look for them and they found them!  The owner called and apologized profusely.  We told them no need to apologize! We are just so glad you found them!  So my daughter has a crib to sleep in again!  Always good.

We are still working on our sea of boxes, but I am using the move as an opportunity to clean out our items and organize our life! These pictures are after a little bit of unpacking in our mudroom and kitchen.  We tackled unpacking first in our daughters room and kitchen then moved to our bedroom and mudroom.

We are setting aside donate boxes of kitchen items that we do not use and I ordered a closet clean out kit or two from Thred Up.  Thred Up is an online consignment store and they will send you a bag with pre-paid postage for you to fill with your clothes to ship back to them.  Thred up will donate the items you do not want or pay you for your lightly used clothing. I find this a win win! I get to empty my cluttered closet, donate items, and if need be make a little bit of money on the side to put into decorating our home. I still have a few boxes of clothes left to unpack in our room and I already have an over flowing laundry basket of clothes to send to them!   My tiny little closet in this house is at least looking lighter!


We also set up a command center with a calendar and place to organize our mail.  In the past our mail has piled up and cluttered either our kitchen island or kitchen table!  No more!  I had my husband hang a calendar and two wire baskets in our mudroom, the room we enter our house into.  The calendar has important family events, travel, appointments, and our chore chart.  The two wire baskets are for incoming mail and mail that needs to be sorted/shredded.  The goal is to go through the mail drop once a week! I found both of these item at Home Goods for $15 dollars a piece!

Command Center

My to do list for the mudroom is getting shorter!

  • Command center $30
  • Paint
  • Set up desk and organize
  • A place to hang coats and keys when you walk in
  • Built in storage and place to sit

How do you organize and declutter when you are in the process of moving?


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