Making our house a home by unpacking, organizing, and decorating with new throw pillows

It has been crazy at our house with both of us working.  My job especially heats up this time of year as we gear up to work with teachers for our workshops over the summer.  At nights after my daughter goes to bed, we try to tackle a room at a time or lets be honest more like a box at a time.  By the time 8 pm rolls around this momma is exhausted! The number of boxes is going down just very slowly.  We are also trying to organize as we unpack especially since this house does not have as much storage as our first house.  I have gotten pretty intentional with how I use space and organize our belongings in this house.  One of my favorite items right now is the Ziploc Storage bags!

You saw my pile of clothes to be donated/sold to Thred up and I am still running out of room!  So we purchased these Ziploc Storage bags and I have taken my winter clothes, folded them, piled them into these bags, vacuumed the air out, and placed multiple filled storage bags into plastic containers to bring up to the attic.  They have worked wonders and now I don’t have to worry about finding critters in my clothes when I pull them out of the attic in the fall!  Although I can totally hear the hubby saying to me or you could just get rid of some more clothes.

This week I also dressed up our craigslist couch I talked about in my first post.  One of my favorite ways to update our couch is with new throw pillows.  I wasn’t a fan of the busy pillows that came with the couch, so off I went to Home Goods.

You will have to excuse the dark photos.  This is what I get for taking photos at night after work! As you can see between the before and after pictures we cleaned off the coffee table, so progress is in the works!  The rolled up rug in the background still hasn’t found a home. I promise you it won’t stay there! There are still boxes in this room, luckily they are just hidden in the corner.

I found our throw pillows at Home Goods.  Home Goods for me is always hit or miss. When I went on Monday, it was definitely a hit! I found so many items that I loved including our throw pillows! The new throw pillows cost $40 dollars total.  I know the couch isn’t balanced with 4 pillows, but I absolutely fell in love with the white pillow.  I could only find one of the white pillows at the store, so I figured I would go with it.  That pillow makes the couch for me and adds lots of brightness!

Greg and I were talking the other night that the paint color in this room is too dark for us.  Plus the walls need some touch up paint from where pictures were hung by the previous owners.  It is on our running list of things to do in the house.  I am thinking I might go with a creamy white for this room to brighten it up.  I love all the windows in here, and we would eventually like to hang curtains too!  What do you think?



2 thoughts on “Making our house a home by unpacking, organizing, and decorating with new throw pillows”

  1. When we got to that point in our previous home, we just moved them to the attic hahaha. Not really helpful but it hid that I still hadn’t completely unpacked! The boxes drive me nuts, but not really much more this working mama can do!


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