4 Gorgeous Chandeliers

So I’ve been on the hunt for a dinning room chandelier.  Our dinning room now currently has a fan.  A fan to me just does not say elegant dining room.  The fan, though, does help keep air circulating in the downstairs of the house!

Dinning Room
Our Current Dinning Room

We are obviously still unpacking our dining room.  I usually leave the dining room table set, but I am still finding homes for things.  We are also missing a few of our dinning room chairs.  We had to store them at my father in laws house when we moved to PA, because they would not fit in our tiny apartment.  Half of them have not made there way to our new house yet.

We had a gorgeous chandelier in our previous home that I found in a salvage store in Columbia, SC.  The chandeliers style, though, doesn’t go with our current home.  I also left it when we sold our home.

So here are 4 gorgeous chandeliers that I have been eyeing for our dinning room:

Chandelier Collage.png

  1. Ophelia and Co. Knot 6-light Candle-Style Chandelier
  2. Bungalow Rose Dormont 5-light Candle-Style Chandelier
  3. Grace Oaks Senecca 6-light Candle-Style Chandelier
  4. One Allium Way Strasburg 6-light Candle-Style Chandelier

I think #4 is my favorite! What do you think?


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