Decorating the Master

Its been a while!  We have had a crazy few weeks.  I traveled to Fl for work for a week, got stuck in FL during the American Airlines computer glitches, came home unpacked like crazy to prep for my daughter’s first birthday party, held her first birthday party, and have been trying to survive the craziness of summer in the office!  This girl is exhausted.

Needless to say decorating has been slow.  That’s okay though, because we are in no rush or at least that is what I tell myself.  At least there are a lot less boxes in our house!  Nothing like a ton of people coming to your home to make you unpack in a hurry.

In all the craziness of summer I have managed to update our bedding in our bedroom.  We’ve had our bedding for a while, and it had definitely seen better days.  It was also a little more colorful than I wanted in our small bedroom in the new house.

Previous bedding in our first house

I found a chenille coverlet online, but it was $100 plus $40 for the two pillow shams.  Here is the one I was eying from Plow and Hearth.Plow and Hearth bed spread

I couldn’t get myself to spend that on new bedding.  So, I decided to see if I could find something I like just as much that did not have the hefty price tag. I have been dropping in to Home Goods on my way home from work and decided to see what they had one day.  I find that during the week I have the best luck.  Its a lot less busy and I actually can take the time to look.  I lucked out! I found a new bed spread that I absolutely love plus new euro shams, a cute throw pillow, and a blanket! Everything together was $15 under what the pillow shams and coverlet from Plow and Hearth would have been before shipping. Here is what I found at Home Goods:

  •  Bedspread $40
  • 2 White euro pillows $50 total
  • Throw Pillow $20
  • Throw blanket $15

I love the pop of color the throw pillow and blanket add.  I also love the texture of the pillow.  The bedding is soft and helps to brighten up our small little room.  Now if I could only get hubby to hang the mirror, also picked up from Home Goods, in our bedroom and a piece of art work!

The master still needs:

  • Wall decor hung
  • Curtains
  • New sheets
  • Different ceiling fan
  • Maybe a different rug?

This is the one room in the house that I am okay with the paint color.  I find the blue to be relaxing, so we are planning to keep it.

Has your summer been crazy busy?




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