Dining Room Update

Its been a whirlwind of a summer!  Where did the time go?!  Between traveling for work and weddings, I feel like we haven’t been home.  We have worked on the house slowly, but our little old house had some surprises in store for us! Surprise number one was some water leaking in the basement with this very wet July we have had.  We have been trying to get a mason to come look at it for weeks since we have an old stone foundation.  Is it always this much of a process to get a contractor to come to your house?! Surprise number 2 came when tried to hang a new light fixture in the dinning room.  There was an awesome deal on overstock on the chandelier I had been eyeing, so we decided to go ahead and order.

Chandelier Collage

I absolutely love this chandelier, and I was so excited to get it up.  We replaced most of the light fixtures in our first home.  Replacing light fixtures is always frustrating, but we always managed to get the job done.  Not this time. My husband took down the old ceiling fan, and there was damage to the plaster on the ceiling, which we will have to repair.  Then when he went to hang the chandelier, we couldn’t hang the chandelier due to how the wires went through the ceiling mount. We ultimately decided to call in a professional electrician.  We figured our daughters room also needed another outlet installed, since it only has two.  We were temporarily using an extension cord to power the air conditioner in her room.  Not the safest, so we decided for peace of mind to have an outlet installed as well. The electricians had a harder time hanging the chandelier than installing the outlet. Both are done though!

Here is the before of our dining room from when we were still unpacking with the fan from probably the 1970s:

Dinning Room

Here is the after missing light bulbs, because I realized I didn’t have enough when the electricians got here. Face palm….Cue the late evening run to Walmart!


The room is so much brighter!  You can also see we finally hung the mirror.  You can’t see the damage to the ceiling in this photo.  We are thinking we might do a ceiling medallion.  It looks like there used to be one there at one point in time.

  • Hang chandelier
  • Repair ceiling.  Use a ceiling medallion?
  • Find and hang candle sconces next to mirror
  • Paint
  • Wainscotting
  • Rug for under dining room table
  • Set table
  • Curtains

Slowly but surely we are getting there!  What surprises has your old house thrown at you?


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