Deciding on Paint Colors

How’s your weekend been?  We’ve been going back and forth to the paint stores.  Okay 2 stores, because I had paint picked out at both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  Unfortunately, there is no one stop shop for both, so I made two trips to both stores.  At least they were down the road from each other.

I wanted to plan out the colors in the house before we started painting, so I scoured Pinterest and the internet for some ideas.  I then started a PowerPoint page to plan out rooms and ideas for the house.  I had a slide in PowerPoint to keep track of all the colors in the house, because I wanted to make sure my colors went together.

Here was my original plan before testing paint samples on the wall:

Original color scheme

  • Passive Gray- Entry way
  • Deep Sea Dive- Kitchen (our attempt to match Magnolia Weekend)
  • Covington Blue- Dining Room
  • Swiss Coffee- Living Room
  • Sweet Dream- 1st floor bath

As you can see from two trips to the paint stores, my plans changed as I tested paint samples on the walls of the house today.  I fell in love with the Magnolia Weekend paint a while back and thought it would be perfect for the kitchen.  We don’t have a store around here that sells the Magnolia Weekend paint.  I really did not want to order it off the internet, so I tried to find a match with Sherwin Williams.

We thought we found it, but I hated my “match” once we put a sample of it on the wall.  I thought it was too dark, so back to the drawing board I went.  I ended up stealing the planned paint color for the dining room that I also loved.  I loved it as much on the sample paper as I did on the wall!

The living room I bought a cream color to brighten up the space.  I got it up on the wall and started second guessing myself.  So, we decided to try a grey that I had found and liked from Sherwin Williams.  I got home put the second color on the wall and it didn’t seem right for the room.  I ended up grabbing my sample paint of my original paint and painting a larger section of the wall.  My original won out!  Why did I ever second guess myself?! I should have gone with my gut, but if anything this is why we always buy sample paints and test before we paint an entire room.  I can be picky and flaky with choosing paint colors sometimes.

It has come a long way, but I think we have finally decided on colors for the first floor. Here is how it has changed, as I have tested some samples in the house:

Paint Colors 1st Floor

  • Passive Gray Silver Satin- Entry way
  • Deep Sea Dive (Our attempt to match Magnolia Weekend) Covington Blue- Kitchen
  • Covington Blue Gentleman’s Gray- Dining Room
  • Swiss Coffee- Living Room
  • Sweet Dream- 1st floor bath

We have a few days this coming week where we have help with our daughter, so we are planning to paint the kitchen and living room while she is occupied. We are painting my two least favorite colored rooms first.  I am so excited to rid the kitchen of red and the living room of the dark tan color!

I have some room plans to share soon!  They are not quite finished yet.

What are your weekend home improvement plans?


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