Dark Kitchen to Light and Bright Kitchen

So you know that I hated the color of our kitchen when we moved in?  I said it was gonna be the first thing that we changed in this house.  We picked out the color scheme to our house about a week ago and tested some colors in the kitchen.  We decided in the kitchen to go with Benjamin Moore Covington Blue.  This past weekend we spent our kid free weekend painting our hearts out!  I can finally say bye bye awful red!


I did a lot of taping on Wednesday.  We had so much to tape between the moldings, ceiling, and cabinets.  There were a few areas that were super hard to tape and paint.  Why?  They painted every surface of dry wall when they renovated the kitchen red is beyond me?  Getting rid of all the red was no small feat.  At one point during the process I told my hubby we would never buy a house that had red walls again due to how difficult it was to get rid of.  I know I am really hating on the color red here.  I love the color red.  Just not on my walls.

We put the first coat up on Thursday night.  It took forever!  I think we finally finished at 11 pm at night.  I got the color up on the wall and could already see a massive change in the kitchen.  The kitchen was already lighter and brighter.  The funny thing was I was not sure I loved the color.  My husband was like what do you mean?!  You loved the sample and the color is beautiful.  I told him to give me a few days, because the exact same thing happened at the first house.  We painted the entire first floor besides our living room and office Misty by Sherwin Williams.  When we were finished with the first coat I wasn’t sure if I liked it.  After a few days, I ended up loving it.  The big change for some reason always gets me.

So Friday rolls around.  My hubby asks if we should start a second coat?  I said yes.  He was like are you sure?  I said yes, the color is already growing on me, I just needed to get used to it.  We  did the second coat and it went a lot faster.  After the walls dried we took the tape down that we spent so long doing to discover we needed to touch up a few areas. Womp Womp.  Apparently whoever painted previously didn’t tape at all and the red paint had bled on the ceiling, and you can see just the slight amount of red in these areas.  I was sooo mad, because the purpose of the prep work was to prevent touch ups!  A little bit of touch up and the kitchen will be good to go!

Kitchen After

A change in paint color made  a world of difference for me for this kitchen!  The kitchen already had great cabinets and appliances.  It just felt so dark.  So with a little paint and a whole lot of hard work we transformed our kitchen into a light bright and relaxing space!  You can see the comparison below:

Before and After Kitchen.png

This space is almost finished.  Here is what we have left to do in this room:

  • Paint
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Runner for by sink

What is your favorite paint color to use to transform a space?


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