Lightening up the Living Room

Remember that child free weekend when we painted our heart out?  The kitchen is not the only room we painted.  We also knocked out the living room at the same time, because I equally hated the color in this room as well.  The living room before we painted felt like a dark cave.  This room should not feel like a cave when it has 6 windows and receives a ton of natural light!  The color on the wall was like tannish brown which just reminded me of poop.  Not what I wanted to be reminded of every time I walked into my living room.


Our dog, Otto, was supervising while I took photos. You can see before we painted we also had to do some wall touch ups.  We also took down all the outlet covers, because they were painted the same colors of the wall.  Not sure why someone would paint them, but we didn’t want to repaint them a new color.  So we took them down and replaced them with new white covers once we were finished painting.

I decided to go with a creamy white from Benjamin Moore called Swiss Coffee.  If you remember when we sampled the paint originally I doubted myself and we tried another paint sample color before we decided to stick with Swiss Coffee.  I am so glad we did!  The paint did wonders for this room! Lucky for my hubby this time I didn’t second guess after we put the first coat of paint on the walls this time.  I loved it the moment we started painting, because I could see the change taking place right in front of my eyes.


I may hate the prep work to painting, but after you are done painting and love the change it is so rewarding!  This space is now one of my favorites in the home with new paint on the wall.  It was an easy and fairly inexpensive cosmetic fix too!

Before and After Living Room

Here is our to do list in the living room:

  • Paint
  • Raise Curtain Rods
  • Curtains
  • New larger rug
  • Different accent chairs

So the next project we decided to tackle was the curtains.  We need twelve curtain panels for this room.  Not cheap at all.  I decided to make an attempt at making them myself, and this girl hasn’t sewn since home economics class in middle school.  This could get interesting.  I’ll let you know all about the process as I go!  Any sewing tips for this newbie?

Whats your next project?!




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