Visiting Waco

Ever since the show Fixer Upper began, I have been a huge fan and begging my mom to take me to Waco.  About a year ago my parents moved to Dallas, Texas, and were now conveniently located about 2 hours from Waco.  Last week my daughter and I finally made it out to visit and took the much anticipated trip to Waco.  I was like a kid on Christmas Eve the night before and too excited to sleep!

We went during the week on a Tuesday to avoid the crowds.  We left Dallas at around 9 a.m and got into Waco at around 11 a.m.  Our first stop was Magnolia Table.  We had a short 15 minute wait to be seated.  The inside of the restaurant was gorgeous!  I loved all of Joanna’s touches from the wood beams, to the tile floors, to the sign that said “Everyone has a seat at the table.”

Magnolia Table

The food far exceeded my expectations!  We ordered the tater tots as an appetizer and then I ordered my go to brunch dish of Eggs Benedict.  The tater tots were crunchy, huge, and looked home made.  The tater tots are pictured below, but I got so excited to eat the Eggs Benedict that I forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  This girl was hungry!  The Eggs Benedict was one of my favorite Eggs Benedict’s that I have ever had.  The homemade biscuits were buttery, flaky, and melt in your mouth!  My poached egg was cooked perfectly and had just enough gooey egg yolk!  My only suggestion is that it needed a little more bacon, because who doesn’t love bacon?


After breakfast, we headed to the silos.  Can I just say how breathtaking the silos were?  What a gorgeous place to go shopping!  We waited for the bakery and walked around the shops and let my daughter get some energy out running around outside.  A lot of the products on her online store were at the shop.  The iron sconces I had been eying were not :(. Maybe thats for the best, because I really did not need to spend $200 for two iron sconces.  I did find a beautiful sign that says “gather” that is now hanging in our kitchen.  I absolutely love it!


We then booked a tour with Waco Tours, and spent 2.5 hours traveling around Waco and seeing the sights.  I enjoyed learning the history of Waco, seeing Baylor, stopping at some town favorites like Clint Harp’s shop, Heritage Creamery, and Cool Beans Cafe.  Our guides were absolutely wonderful!  My favorite parts were the stops at Cool Beans Cafe, Heritage Creamery and Clint Harp’s shop and seeing the houses featured on the show.

fixer Upper

I tried a cowboy coffee at Cool Beans Cafe which was a little sweet for me.  I still drank it because coffee, coffee, coffee! My daughter got dairy free ice cream, because she is dairy intolerant still.  The ice cream was an absolute hit with her!  She couldn’t get enough she kept asking for Mooooore!  Plus her belly afterwards was happy! Thank you Heritage Creamery for having a dairy free option!  It made this momma happy, because she could actually enjoy a treat with everyone else.  We don’t go for ice cream much because she always feels left out.  We’ve trialed dairy on several occasions and she always ends up with a tummy ache, diarrhea, and the worst diaper rash.  No fun for her and no fun for momma!

Cool Beans and Heritage

Clint Harp’s show was right next to the house built for them that was featured on the show.  The shop was small but had some amazing items!  Including some fall decorations like wood pumpkins!  My mom picked one of these up!  I wish I had too!  I picked up some wood napkin rings that look great on our dinning room table.  Eventually, I will get those wood candle holders I have been eyeing!


After the tour we made one final stop at the Silos Bakery before heading home!  I had to try a cupcake!  I tried the lemon lavender cupcake, and OMG it was too die for!  Joanna can I have the recipe so I can make these at home?!  I am still dreaming of them!  Who knew that lemon and lavender were such a magnificent combination?!  I didn’t!

Silos Bakery

Definitely worth the trip!  I wish we had more time while we were there, so I could have checked out some local antique stores and local shops.  Next time!  Maybe I can convince my husband to book a night at one of the houses….




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