Curtain Fabric is in!

So this post is a little late this week.  This momma has been swamped.  Sixty hour work week, but at least its doing something I love.  Plus, our daughter has had one nasty cold!  I have enjoyed the evening snuggles in the rocking chair, but this virus needs to go!  I hate seeing my baby miserable.  Now to the reason for the post….

My fabric is finally in! It’s finally in!  I guess its time for the daunting task of sewing 12 curtain panels when I haven’t sewn since home economics class in seventh grade!  At the time of buying the fabric, I thought this was a great idea.  Now, I am a little scared!  Six weeks of waiting for the fabric to come in, and now I get cold feet. I can do this right? I guess I am the only crazy lady who buys 36 yards of fabric to make curtains to save money on curtain panels. #becausecurtainsareexpensive I couldn’t find what I wanted at a decent price, so I said why not? I might as well make them!

Here is the fabric:

IMG_2688 (1)

You can find our living room update here.  So far we have painted the walls in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.  The room has six windows, but won’t it look fantastic once the curtains are finished and curtain rods are moved higher above the window?


I guess I better get sewing.  I’ll update you when they are finished or when I’m having a melt down from my inability to sew.  Its too early to tell how this will turn out!


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