Dining Room Plan

For the past few weeks now we have been working on our dining room.  We have slowly but surely been working to finish putting board and batten up in our dining room.  As soon as we saw this house in February, I dreamed of putting board and batten into our dining room.  It just seems to fit perfectly with the age and style of our home and the one feature that our dining room was missing.  I had to slowly work on my husband to tackle this project, because it is a beast.  We are three weeks in and still not finished!  So today, I wanted to share our entire dining room plan.

In August, we made our first big change to the dining room when we replaced the outdated ceiling fan in our dining room with an elegant chandelier.  You can read more about changing the light fixture here.


I then really pushed my husband to start installing board and batten in the living room.  For the board and batten I wanted it to be taller than the average 48 inches.  We originally thought of doing 65 inches, but it was too tall.  We ultimately decided to use a height of 60 inches, which is around shoulder height for us.  I feel like taller board and batten is more formal and just belongs in a dining room.  We will paint the board and batten white to match our trim.  I will post more on the board and batten at a later date as we get closer to being done.

The top half of our walls will be painted a dark moody blue from Benjamin Moore called Gentleman’s Gray.  I love the richness and deepness of this color especially when paired with a contrasting white on the board and batten.  I cannot wait to replace the mossy green paint on the wall!  The idea of painting over the existing color is driving us to the finish line as it currently makes the room feel too dark and cave-like.  I know I have said this before of other areas of our house.  Paint makes such a big difference!

Dining Room Paint Color

We are keeping our current farmhouse dinning room table as we had it custom made at our first house from James and James.  I really love this table and it was a requirement when purchasing our home in PA that it had to fit.  This may have driven our realtor nuts, because the table is seven feet long.  We are also keeping the chairs that we found from World Market and purchased whenever there were really good sales on their furniture.  I did add an older piece to the room by purchasing a refinished antique buffet table at a local antique store when we first moved into the house.  I felt like it fit perfectly with the time period of the home.  Plus I love the idea of mixing old and new together.

We will also hang some sentimental pieces from our alma matter in the room including a picture of Old Main and a picture of the Nittany Lion Inn where we were married.  The picture of the Nittany Lion Inn was actually signed by everyone who attended our wedding.  These pictures always make me feel at home and are our reminder of our journey together so far.

Since I am making the curtain panels for the living room, I am going to buy curtains for the dining room.  I plan to go the cost-effective and budget friendly route and purchase plain and simple white curtain from Ikea.  For a rug, I found one I love and have been eyeing, but it is currently out of stock.  I guess it gives me time to save before we purchase.  It should be back in stock around Thanksgiving.  So with no further ado here is a picture of our dining room plan:

Dining Room Plan

If you want to shop my style:

What is the latest project you are working on in your home?



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