Hi! I’m Amber the creator of Our Nittany Nest. I live with my husband, Greg, and our daughter, Emma, just outside of State College, Pennsylvania.  You might know of State College as the home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Funny enough our little family’s story starts here.  Both my husband and I met while attending school at Penn State, and we graduated in 2010.  We actually did leave when we graduated and eight years later our story brought us back here.  In the eight year gap we got engaged, lived apart, settled in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a year, and then finally ended up in Columbia, South Carolina.  We bought and built our first house in Columbia and our daughter was born there.



A few short months after she was born my husband was part of the VC Summer Layoffs.  This left our family with no one working as I had resigned from my job just before our daughter was born to stay at home and take care of her. Cue the hysterics!  If our story were being told by a GPS it would be saying “RECALCULATING!” We truly panicked when this happened.  We put our house on the market not knowing where we would end up and both of us started hunting for new jobs. Not the route we had intended, but God had a plan.  I couldn’t see it at the time, but its funny how the puzzles pieces fell into place so quickly.  While job searching I stumbled across my dream job at my alma matter, Penn State University.  I applied for the job and prodded my husband to look in the area as well.  Before we knew it, both of us had interviewed and accepted job offers.  We were moving back to Happy Valley!

We were quickly thrown into the brutal State College housing market where houses went fast and frequently over asking price.  Our worst nightmare!  We didn’t want to buy in a hurry, so we luckily found a short term lease to give us time to search (This was no small feat!  The rental market in the dead of winter is not very friendly in this little college town either)!  We started looking quickly once getting here and were pretty discouraged.  The houses needed a lot of work and were much more expensive than the South.  We actually offered on one house, were under contract, and ended up terminating the deal due to the inspection.  Looking back now, we were afraid we weren’t going to find something and rushed into an offer, which is exactly what we didn’t want to do!

Shortly after walking away, we stumbled across a little gem.  The house was built in 1900 and had lots of old world character from the original hardwood floors, original banister, and original hardware on doors.  The house also had modern updates, like my dream kitchen!  I fell in love with this house as soon as I saw the posting and begged our realtor to take us.  We quickly found out that there was going to be a frenzy for this house.  We managed to get a showing, and once we walked the house we knew we wanted to offer.  We were one of seven offers.  My heart immediately sank thinking there is no way this is going to happen.  Well, it did! When my realtor called I originally thought he was playing a cruel joke on us. We are now a few days out from closing and I am so excited to share our journey of decorating our home with you!

house colored pencil
Our new old home!