Board and Batten Part 1

We've been working on this project forever!  I think it is going on two and a half months now.  It has definitely taken longer than expected!  We expected to be done with this project in two weekends.  It has a lot more finishing work to do than we ever expected! Slow and steady for the… Continue reading Board and Batten Part 1


Curtain Reveal

All twelve panels are finally done! We raised the curtains rods, and the curtains are hung.  Before the big reveal, though, let's get a before picture!  When we moved in the room looked like this: We then painted and it looked like this: And with the curtains it now looks like this: Can I just… Continue reading Curtain Reveal

How we hang heavy items on our plaster walls

I know I have been slacking on the writing over here.  It has been crazy busy over here between Fall programs at work, football season, and family life.  We have also been trying to wrap up three projects at once.  Note to self- this is why you finish a project before you start another one. … Continue reading How we hang heavy items on our plaster walls