Entryway Design

This holiday season has been nuts!  Finding the time to shop with an 18 month old can be difficult!  We swooped into Walmart after church on Sunday and ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, because she fell asleep in the car.  We wanted to finish our shopping before she woke up hungry!… Continue reading Entryway Design


Dining Room Reveal with Christmas Decor

It is finally time to completely reveal our dining room!  If you've been following me on Instagram you have seen some sneak peaks.  When we moved in the room looked like this: The room was dark like a lot of other rooms in this house and the color was not my taste.  My goal when… Continue reading Dining Room Reveal with Christmas Decor

How to Hang a Ceiling Medallion

So we have been full project mode over here on the dining room.  Remember the damage to our dining room ceiling? We took down the 1970's fan from our dining room and replaced it with a chandelier at the end of the summer.  You can read about it here.  The house gave us a little… Continue reading How to Hang a Ceiling Medallion

Cleaning Vintage Brass to Look Like New

Since our summer programs ended, I took a few days off to just relax before the hustle and bustle of the Fall starts.  With my quiet time, I decided to go downtown and walk through some of the antique shops.  There are quite a few great antique shops around here, and I am always looking… Continue reading Cleaning Vintage Brass to Look Like New

Deciding on Paint Colors

How's your weekend been?  We've been going back and forth to the paint stores.  Okay 2 stores, because I had paint picked out at both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  Unfortunately, there is no one stop shop for both, so I made two trips to both stores.  At least they were down the road from… Continue reading Deciding on Paint Colors